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Recycled Rib Tek Mesh

Enhanced with a regular perforated structure, Rib Tek mesh ensures exceptional breathability and rapid drying, making it perfect for all sports levels, from intense technical activities to casual or amateur sports.

Origin: Italy
Content: 85% recycled polyester / 15% elastane
Weight: 115gsm

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Recycled Surf Mesh

Its highly breathable design ensures superior ventilation, keeping you cool and dry, while its three-dimensional texture adds an eye-catching aesthetic to any garment.

Origin: Italy
Content: 95% recycled polyester / 5% Elastane
Weight: 85gsm

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Mesh Simo

Introducing Mesh Simo: A double-needle fabric crafted from 100% polyester, renowned for its innovative design. Offering impressive mechanical elasticity and moisture-wicking properties, it ensures quick recovery and superior resistance to snagging and abrasion.

Origin: Italy
Content: 100% Polyester
Weight: 130gsm

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Polartec® Thermal Pro

Lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally warm, this fabric excels in cold weather conditions. Its moisture management properties make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and performance.

Content: 100% polyester
Origin: China
Weight: 390gsm

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Canadian Milled Cotton

Experience the unparalleled quality of Canadian milled cotton fabrics. Meticulously crafted with precision and care, these textiles boast supreme softness and durability, reflecting the heritage of Canadian textile craftsmanship.

Origin: Canada
Content: Cotton
Weight: Varies by style

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Sensitive fabrics are engineered for modern lifestyles, offering unparalleled comfort, stretch, and durability. With a focus on sustainability, these versatile textiles are perfect for activewear and everyday clothing, providing both functionality and style.

Origin: Italy
Content: 73% polyamide / 27% Elastane
Weight: 185gsm

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Outstanding performance! Lightweight and breathable, yet providing full coverage, it effortlessly conforms to the body's contours with remarkable elasticity, ensuring unrestricted movement.

Origin: Italy
Content: 60% Polyamide / 40% Elastane
Weight: 215gsm

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